Environmental Resources

Environmental Resources

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Environmental Guidance


This book is a resource of best-practice advice to manage the nutrition of vegetable crops in New Zealand. This book builds on the 1986 MAF published fertiliser recommendations with the results of a further thirty-odd years of research. In addition, there is information on environmental impacts and improving the efficiency of fertiliser use.

Crop Protection

Vegetable Crop Residue Sampling Protocol

This document steps through the procedure for sampling vegetable crops for residue testing.

GMP Neonicotinoids

This document provides a summary of management practices for handling and applying neonicotinoid crop protection products

Guidance on the use of acephate and methamidophos

This poster provides information of what vegetable crops acephate and methamidophos crop protection products are permitted to be used on.

Off Label Use Guidance Poster

This poster is designed for growers when using a product off label on a crop or pest that is not listed on the label.

AgResearch herbicide resistance testing protocol

AgResearch is testing for suspected herbicide resistant plants. Download this form for instructions.

Good Management Practice Guides

Minimising soil movement by vehicles off farm

This CoP describes the best practices for minimising soil movement off farm

Vegetated Buffer Strips CoP

This CoP is designed to assist you in making decisions related to installing and maintaining vegetated buffer strips.

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