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The Crop Tolerance of Peas to the Application of 6 Common Herbicide Treatments

A trial was conducted at Dromore, Mid Canterbury assessing the effect of six herbicide treatments on the yield and TR (tenderometer) of the give process pea (pisum sativum) cultivars Epic, Tere, Bolero, Durango and Prolific. The six herbicide treatments included Treflan 21/ha (400g/l Trifluralin) pre sow, Gardoprim 2 I/ha (500g/l Terbuthylazine) pre emerge and the post emergent applications of Sencor 350 g/ha (700 g/kg Metribuzin), pulsar 5 I/la (200g/L Bentazone + 200g/L MCPB) and Bladex 3I/ha (500g/l Cyanazine) as well as a hand weeded control plot.